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Africans Attitude Toward Basic Buddhist Concepts


Many young Africans who came from different countries study three years of a monastic course at the African Buddhist Seminary. After graduated they have a good idea about the main Buddhist Concepts in addition to studying comparative religions. Here I have submitted their own understanding of some Buddhist Teachings so we can understand how far they have developed their concepts to the Buddhist way. These articles are proof that their attitudes have been adapted to Buddhist Concepts.


  1. The Four Noble Truths
  2. Karma
  3. The Truth
  4. Our True Nature
  5. Never Get Weary
  6. Brutal Killing
  7. Gratitude To Parents
  8. Supramundane Love
  9. Man and Environment
  10. Complacent Smile
  11. What The Future Holds...
  12. Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed: God and His Judgement Day


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