3.The Truth

By Ben Chang and George Soko, Malawi

I am the Truth, Discovered by the diligent one. In every aspect, I exist The Truth I am.

My ability is vast Admonishing sentient-beings is my favorite duty Scientists and philosophers know me In me, nobody bows the knees unto Baal.

Without being tied to someone’s apron strings, I nourish all sentient beings.

Wherever I go, sentient beings meet me with approval.

I change an ass into a wise man really, a long arm I have One who accommodates me, Will always have a calm, free and pure mind, He will never stand in awe of anything Protective of him, I encompass him.

I reduce ignorance to ashes, Without weapons, I take up arms peacefully, And always win the day.

Leading an Arcadian life, Standing on their legs, Heaping coals of fire and Putting their shoulder to the wheel, I teach my followers.

The Truth I am.

Author's comment:

This Ben Chang is the novice name of George Soko who wrote the first article about four noble truths. He has good ability to create some ideas about Buddhist teachings and the truth. Here he has explained about Truth and its operation.

Truth is one. It is helps every person to develop his or her path to full liberation. If someone lies he is in the position to do any kind of evils in the world. Truth must be one. The Buddha always used truth. And he explained what the benefits of using the truth are. He never expressed praise to all forms of lies.

“Ekam dhammam atitassa – musavadissa jantuno Vitinna paralokassa – natti papam akariyam There is no evil that can not be done by the liar, who has transgressed the one law (of truthfulness) and who is indifferent to a world beyond”.

This Ben chang’s poem also used to understand the duty of the truth.