4.Our True Nature

By Bonfire Fundo [Ben Fa], Malawi

Everybody born of this flesh is entitled to become a Buddha regardless of gender. This is a difference from other faiths. The Buddha in his forty-five years of teaching the Dharma emphasized the fact that for one to be a Buddha, one should lighten one’s own nature before they attain enlightenment. In this article I will try to explain how one looks at their own nature to enable them to attain Buddha-hood.

The platform sutra of the sixth patriarch says, “Your original nature is empty.” What does this mean? When we see that there is nothing to be seen in our own original nature, we attain the right view. When we see that there is nothing to be known in our own original nature, we will attain the right knowledge. Original nature is neither black nor white, neither long nor short, and yet its pure source can be seen and one’s whole being may become awakened by its light. If this happens, one is said to have become a Buddha simply by seeing one’s own nature.

When we can look at all phenomena without having our own mind become delusively attached to any of them, we will have attained no-thought. With no-thought we can go anywhere without clinging to anything. We will be in our pure original mind and our six consciousnesses will be free to travel through the six doors of the senses and mingle with the six dusts (form, sound, smell, taste, contact and dharma or mental formations), without becoming confused or defiled. When we are able to roam with this sort of freedom and do what we will without the slightest obstruction, we will have attained the prajna-samadhi [the meditation of wisdom]. This state of perfect freedom is called acting with no-thought. One day I read a certain cha’n [meditation] book by a certain cha’n master, Huang Po. He said, ‘those who want to become Buddha do not need to study the Dharma at all. All they need to study is “not clinging, not wanting.”’ The fact is, if one wants nothing, then nothing is born in the mind. Here the opposite applies: if one clings to nothing, nothing dies in his mind. That which does not die and is not born is called the Buddha.

In a nutshell, the way to see the Buddha in nature is to abandon delusion and to be without desire and without attachment. When we can do this, we will “breathe with the nose the Buddha use.” Remember, you and I are future Buddha so why not start now cultivating helping living beings, i.e. those in need, diseased, orphans, afflicted by wars, etc.? May your Buddha-nature be glorified, let’s work hard and be freed from the circle of coming and going, dying and being born. Wishing that all blessings from all tthe Buddhas’ pure lands meet your effort of seeing your own nature.

Author's comment:

Here Bonfire Fundo has aidea about Human nature. He is a Malawian boy who studied at African Buddhist Seminary for three years. After he studied chan mediation and Mahayana buddhist teachings he has been eqquiped with the understand about this fact about human beings.

Every beings have ability to attain Buddha hood and finish their life circle. But only human beings have fast ability to access it among other beings, because they have a highly developed mind than other beings.It is no matter which colour,place of birth, which tribe or who are you. Any kind of human beings can cut their sorrowful life circle if they practice the path. Infant’s mind is very pure. There is no any evils there. But while he is growing up gatherring many evils. If we can protect that infant mind, it is very easy to acceess to Buddha hood. Because there is no much polluted conceptions. Here Bon fire is saying about true nature and peple’s accessess to get full liberation through Buddhit practice.he was born as a black person in Malawi in Africa. But after studied about Buddhism and practiced, he is giving this idea to other colleagues through this article with some practicle understanding. There is no any boundry for practice and attainment . Every body can achieve provides he is willing to practice.