5.Never Get Weary

By Davison C.K. Chisale, Malawi

All beings are born equal; therefore claim equal rights and treatment. I appreciate the endless battle for humanity. I know wickedness will prevail, but only for a short while, as Buddha said, “Everything is illusion.”

May celestial beings give strength and guidance to all beings that have sleepless nights to uplift humanity; even the wind and rain make a hurricane. I believe a day will come when all people will interact on the common platform.

I really love humanity, it is our father, The universe our mother and loving-kindness, Our perfect religion.

When the truth prevails throughout the world, Wickedness will vanish completely, As the Buddha defeated ignorance for good. Let the Buddha mind spread in all ten directions, To let go this ego that destabilizes sentient beings And deteriorates nature that supports Buddha seeds.

Author's comment:

Here is Davison C.K. Chisale’s poem about what the Buddha said on loving kindness, equanimity, Humanity and universe. We (human beings) are born in different places with different colours, tribes, names, religions and abilities. But we belong to one group of human beings. We have same body parts and feelings. Many things are the same in all human beings. It is not easy to be born in one country, talking one language, following one religion or being completely the same. There must be little differences. We have to develop equanimity and loving kindness to all. Always have to relate us to others. Then it is easy to understand others and develop our loving kindness and equanimity towards them.

Buddha said: “Sabbe tasanti dandassa – sabbe bhayanti maccuno attanam upamam katva – na haneyya na ghataye. ” All tremble at the rod. All fear death. Comparing others with oneself, one should neither strike nor cause to strike. ”.

He has mentioned loving kindness as a universal religion. If any religion guides against harming others but develop loving kindness and equanimity then the religion has the greatest hope.