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Tanzania has been facing the challenge of vulnerable children and has become an alarmingly common sight in cities around the world. Tanzania began to see the problem of vulnerable children in difficult circumstances in the late 1980’s. At the same time Convection Rights of Children (1990) came into force. Kind Heart Africa was founded in line with these Conventions. There are now some 3000-5000 street children in Dar es Salaam. The Founders of Kind Heart Africa Centre believe that all children fundamentally have the right to a happy, healthy and safe childhood.

Global and National Development Policies disenfranchised the poor spawning instead years of poverty alleviation strategies that have not touched the rural farmer that represents 80% of Tanzania’s population. Their children began migrating in the thousands to all the towns in the Country. Some families are unemployed or are involved in unreliable income earning activities. These parents can not afford to send their children to school or they do not send them because they need their services at home. Also, many children run away from their homes, because they have been victims of violence and abuse by-products of crushing poverty.

Street life violates the dignity of the children and negatively affects their physical, mental, emotional, moral and overall well-being. Full time street children experience great difficulties in their daily life including hunger, lack of shelter, sickness and police harassment. In these harsh conditions the children use drugs, get involved in criminal activities and engage themselves in prostitution. "Survival sex" with adults provides the children with food and shelter. Unprotected sex leads down the road to HIV/AIDS and certain death.


Kind Heart Africa centre is established under Rev. ILukpitiye Pannasekara Thero in Dar es Salaam and registered with Ministry of Home Affairs bearing registration number SO 15751 as of 08th February 2008. The Kind Heart Africa have been working in Tanzania since 1998 are aware of the above ontext in which the poor find themselves as their focus has always been the option for the poor. This project brings together the synergy of two Buddhist Monks whose ministry is to the most excluded and invisible children in Tanzania. Rev ILukpitiye Pannasekara Thero has been working with boys’ education for the past 13 years. Kind Heart Africa was founded by Rev.Pannasekara Thero to empower young boys to realize their human rights within the Community and the Tanzanian reality today. Rev.Pannasekara Thero has been working with vulnerable children for the past 10 years addressing the Tanzanian Government to the plight of children forced on the streets due to growing poverty rural heightened by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Kind Heart Africa Centre is dedicated to empowering vulnerable children aged between 03 and 17 who have expressed the will to realize their potential and become self-reliant by mobilising resources and advocating for children’s rights


To see a well being and equality of all children in Tanzania who can make right decisions for their lives today and in future.


The center is not aimed to serve the children of Dar es Salaam alone, but also the neighboring regions of Tanzania. The initiative will be one of its kinds in the area and will set an example to the Building Capacity projects in focusing on rural areas too. All the vulnerable children residing in Tanzania are expected to benefit from this initiative.

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Without being tied to someone’s apron strings, I nourish all sentient beings.

Target Group

Orphans and vulnerable children are living in Tanzania.

Main Objective

The main purpose of the Organization is to take care of orphans and vulnerable children, empower them by providing education and vocational training to make them useful members of society.

Specific Objectives

Within the framework of the foregoing, the Organization shall have the following principal objects:

To raise, mobilize and disburse funds and other resources for the promotion of the objects of the Organization;

To set up homes for the orphans and vulnerable children and elder people to provide a family atmosphere for their growth;

To establish vocational training centers for the children;

To particularly empower the caregivers of these children by providing support in form of information, training and means of earning alivelihood;

To establish or assist in the establishment of schools and other educational centers, and libraries, and to publish newsletters, brochures, books and other publication as the Board of the Organization may deem desirable for the promotion of the objects of the Organization

To employ teachers, advisors, experts and other staff for all or any of the objects of the Organization;

To acquire any moveable or immovable property and any buildings or things whatsoever and sell, dispose of mortgage, lease or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of rights of the Organization;

To enter in to any arrangement with any governments or authorities that may seem conducive to the Organization’s objects or any of them, and to obtain form such government or authority any rights, privileges and concessions which the Organization may think desirable to obtain;

To take such steps by personal or written appeals, public meetings or otherwise as may from time to time be deemed expedient for the purpose of procuring contributions to the funds of the Organization in the form of donations, annual subscription or otherwise;)

To apply to any governments or authority, public bodies, corporations, companies or persons for and to accept grants or gifts subscriptions and other assistance with a view t promoting the objects of the Organization and, in taking of any gift property to take the same subject tony special trust which may be prescribed by the donor thereof;

To establish an endowment fund to receive grants, donations, gifts and other assistance in any form whatsoever from Tanzania or from any other source for any one or more of the objects of the Organization and to establish non-profit-making foundations in any country or countries for the purpose of receiving donations from private and corporate persons and for channeling the same to the Organization’s development operations;

To draw, execute or otherwise deal with negotiable or transferable instruments;

To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the above objects;

To invest the money in the organization not immediately required in any one or more of the modes of investment of trust moneys or in such other manner as the Board of the Organization may form time to time determine.


The most vulnerable rights holders we will work with are the invisible and excluded boys and girls. These will include Children in armed conflict, Children living with HIV/AIDS, Children without parental care, Children working and living on the street, Children who suffer violence, Children who suffer Sexual exploitation.

We intend to work with at least 100 children and youth comprising of 50 males and 50 females in the two Kind Heart Africa Center at Chanika. when the building will be ready constructed since it is still under construction plan whereas all those children will be given a special emphasis due to the social and cultural barriers which make them invisible.

Outcomes and Activities (Phase 1)

During this phase, the need for the children centre will be made evident through the participation of children in the workshops, seminars and training that will be offered to them by the youth centre staff and other guest from the different organization. The first step in creating this centre will be to open an office in Chanika where orphans and vulnerable children can stay and receive the following services.

  • Mentorship and Tutoring to help children with their schoolwork

  • Continuous Peer education sessions at the center

  • Educative music and drama performances

  • Library services for accessibility of information

  • Life skills Workshops

  • Empower children by providing education and vocational training to make them useful members of society.

  • Use of educative audiovisual materials to stimulate discussion

  • Encourage sporting activities

  • Life skills Session

  • Use of educative audiovisual materials to stimulate discussion

Outcomes and Activities (Phase 2)

Once the centre is established at Chanika and more services are sought by the children, a larger venue will be needed to accommodate the children who utilize the centre. At this point, the following services will also be made available to the children of Chanika, and this will be the Home for vulnerable children project


The center is expecting to be a huge community based institution for vulnerable children in the community providing children friendly services such as, voluntary counseling and family life education. Other activities will be, offering of primary education, secondary education and vocational training and reproductive health education. All these activities will be coordinated by staffs who will be at the core of the center. The centre is also aiming at forming partnership with other relevant organization that will support its activities on daily basis.

Kind Heart Africa

Year 2010 was a very important year for Kind Heart Africa. Dar es Salaam Association in Spain http://www.hogarchanika.org/ donated special donation to build a first building for orphanage. Then we built it and opened for children on 02nd April 2010 and children started to resident there and go to school. It was very wonderful event. Thank you for all the members in Spain. See more photos and information about that on following links on the internet.

After we opened our first building for children wonderful things happened. Mr P.S Patel came to attend our opening ceremony. After that he made some communication with his friends and he found “Reach out now” http://www.reachoutnow.org/ UK based organization and Mr Joshi Sathyavan and his family. They were very interesting to help for this Orphanage project in Tanzania. He came to visit the place August 2010 and donated special donation for build a Dormitory for orphans. Then we built it and opened 28th August 2011. Now we have accommodated for 94 children. You can see about this new dormitory opening information at following links.


In 2014th we built third building at the centre. It is the Administration building including 05 Visitor rooms, Library, Kitchen and dining room. This dining room can sit around 150 children comfortably. All funds for this building generated by Trustees of Human welfare trust by Anaaya dance group..

To Help organization from UK

Same year again we built fourth building at the centre. It is a dormitory for Girls and all the funds received for that from To Help organization from UK. It opened by 30th November 2014 trustees of To Help Organization.



Currently only two organizations are helping for these children to Feeding, schooling and etc.. But if we want to increase children to we have to find some other friends to help for that. Therefore we invite to all well wishes around the world to joint this special target. Please read the following 365 DONORS PROJECT for that.

we are very happy to share this good news with you! we had a dream to help vulnerable, orphan and street children in Tanzania for a long time as many children are begging on the road, do not go to school or have a safe place to call ‘home’, something many of us take for granted.

At present we are receiving financial support for monthly expenses from “Dar es Salaam Association” in Spain.( www.hogarchanika.org) and " Human Welfare Trust " in Dar es Salaam.

These are the organizations currently helping to support our monthly expenses at the " CHANIKA CHILDREN SELTER". It is not possible to support more children and help them without finding additional donors. Therefore we thought we would write to our all friends and followers around the world to see whether you would be able to support this vital service in Tanzania.